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Welcome Back, America | Being on the wrong side of history

Being on the wrong side of history never felt so right

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“Welcome Back, America” Is Online | Chateau Heartiste

Jun 29, 2017 · “Welcome Back, America” Is Online June 29, 2017 by CH After popping Red and Black Pills by the mouthful at the Goodbye, America photojournal blog , you’ll need the refreshing mental cleanser of a fortified White Pill.

Welcome back, American nationalism | Spectator USA

Welcome back, American nationalism Between the nationalists of the continent and America there’s a gulf as deep as the Atlantic Ocean. F.H. Buckley. Supporters cheer as US President Donald Trump delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again rally in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Welcome Back to America, Mr. President – AMAC – The

Welcome Back to America, Mr. President. from American Thinker – by – Robert Charles So, the Republicans win big across the United States – regaining control of the U.S. Senate, adding seats in the U.S. House, capturing new governorships, preserving old ones, and winning countless (or at least uncounted) dog-catcher posts.

Welcome back America