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PSA: ’13 Reasons Why’ Comes With Major Triggers – Affinity

PSA: ’13 Reasons Why’ Comes With Major Triggers. This article also contains spoilers for the series. The highly anticipated Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, finally debuted Friday, March 31. The series follows the aftermath of the suicide of a local high school student, Hannah Baker. Her classmate Clay Jenkins receives a set of tapes a few days after.

Here’s Every Important Trigger Warning In “13 Reasons Why

Here’s Every Important Trigger Warning In “13 Reasons Why” Season Two. 13 Reasons Why is back on Netflix and boy, it is just as heavy and as controversial as ever. The second season focuses on the trial following Hannah Baker’s suicide and how the lives of her friends have been impacted by her death.

Multiple ‘Triggers’ Throughout ’13 Reasons Why’ Cause

Multiple ‘Triggers’ Throughout ’13 Reasons Why’ Cause Concern For Many. There are some themes that run through every episode, however, such as extreme bullying and some type of blood loss from someone. Others, such as Episodes 9 and 12, include hard-to-watch rape scenes and much mention of …

’13 Reasons Why’ Fans Put Together List of Triggers

Apr 19, 2017 · 13 Reasons Why is the series that no one can stop talking about right now. It deals with depression, suicide, rape…everything we should be talking about …

What Went Wrong With 13 Reasons Why – The Atlantic

What Went Wrong With 13 Reasons Why? The Netflix show is a huge hit. It’s also being denounced by educators and experts for the ways in which it tackles suicide.

’13 Reasons Why’ triggers uptick in suicide searches online

Why controversial ‘13 Reasons’ was renewed for a third season CHICAGO – A popular TV series that showed a teen ending her life may have triggered a surge in online searches for suicide

This Master List of ’13 Reasons Why’ Trigger Warnings Is

13 Reasons Why is undeniably a heavy show. Every episode touches on sensitive topics like mental health, sexual assault, cyberbullying, and suicide — to the point where mental health professionals are concerned about how the show depicts its triggering topics — which is likely why one fan decided to write a master list of all the potential triggers

Netflix Responds To ’13 Reasons Why’ Backlash With New

May 01, 2017 · Netflix Responds To ’13 Reasons Why’ Backlash With New Trigger Warnings. The show has faced controversy over its graphic depictions of sexual assault and suicide. By now, you’re probably aware that the show, based on the book of the same name by Jay Asher, tackles tough issues like sexual assault and suicide.

Netflix will increase 13 Reasons Why trigger warnings | TV

May 01, 2017 · Netflix Adds More Warnings to 13 Reasons Why After Trigger Backlash. The show features the story of Hannah Baker ( Katherine Langford ), a high school teen who kills herself and releases tapes to detail the history of each person who hurt her, in various degrees, before her death.

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Bay Area families say ’13 Reasons Why’ triggers suicide

13 Reasons Why killed our daughters: Two Bay Area families say hit Netflix drama was the ‘trigger’ for their teen girls to commit suicide just days after watching it