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Ted Turner Political Views Spark Lively Stockholders Debate

ATLANTA — Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s annual shareholders meeting today turned into a lively debate over the political views of Chairman Ted Turner, who defended charges that too much free broadcast time is given to causes he supports.

Ted Turner Talks Politics, Fidel Castro and Jane Fonda

Dec 10, 2008 · Mr. Turner’s biography “Call Me Ted” is a big best seller, and last night we spoke with the man. We begin the segment with a very painful experience for Mr. Turner.

CNN founder Ted Turner: Network ‘sticking with politics a

CNN founder Ted Turner says his former network now focuses “too much” on politics, and that he wishes the company would strive for more “balanced” programming between politics and other news. In

CNN Founder Ted Turner: Network “Sticking With Politics A

Turner told veteran anchor Ted Koppel that he rarely follows the news, and only watches his former news channel occasionally. Echoing many complaints that CNN has become a left-wing echo chamber with a clear political bias and agenda, Turner told Koppel that “I think they’re sticking with politics a …

Ted Turner, CNN founder, says network needs ‘a more

Sep 28, 2018 · CNN founder Ted Turner would do things differently at the network if he were still in charge, saying it’s been too heavy on the “politics” and should adopt a more “balanced agenda.”. In

WATCH: CNN Founder Ted Turner Bashes CNN | Daily Wire

Appearing on “CBS Sunday Morning” with host Ted Koppel, Turner indicated that while he does not watch CNN much anymore and does not want to criticize, he does not agree with the direction in which the left-wing network is going. “I think they’re stickin’ with politics a little too much,” Turner said.

Is Ted Turner more conservative or liberal? | Yahoo Answers

Mar 18, 2009 · Best Answer: ted turner is extremely rich. that puts him out of the republican/democrat debate. mr. turner’s political orientation is what ever makes him money. the ultra rich leave party squabbling to the little guys.

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Ted Turner Says CNN is Too Heavy on Politics in ‘CBS

“But that’s just one man’s opinion,” he said about the constant political coverage on CNN during an interview with ‘CBS Sunday Morning.’ CNN founder Ted Turner still occasionally watches the

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Ted Turner, byname of Robert Edward Turner III, (born November 19, 1938, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.), American broadcasting entrepreneur, philanthropist, sportsman, and environmentalist who founded a media empire that included several television channels that he created, notably CNN.

Ted Turner Says He’s Battling Dementia – Bloomberg

Sep 28, 2018 · Longtime media mogul gives interview to CBS’s Ted Koppel Turner also says today’s CNN could focus less on politics Ted Turner on his Flying D Ranch.

Ted Turner, Sam Nunn, and a partnership worth remembering

One of the first encounters between Sam Nunn and Ted Turner dates back to the days when Atlanta TV c FORECAST BY. An AJC blog about Atlanta politics, Georgia politics, Georgia and metro