shark swimming in houston flood

Hurricane Harvey: Viral photo of shark swimming in Houston

Hurricane Harvey: Viral photo of shark swimming in Houston flood is a hoax. A Dublin, Ireland-based blogger named Jason Michael recently tweeted an image appearing to show a shark swimming down the flooded roadway. As of Monday afternoon, the image has been retweeted almost 26,000 times. But, as the Houston Chronicle reports,

Shark Photographed On Flooded Houston Highway, Or Was It?

An image circulating on social media has purported to reveal a shark swimming along a flooded highway in Houston, revealing the depth of the devastation endured in Texas. However, upon closer examination, the finned predator turns out to be little more than a carefully crafted illusion.

Does This Picture Show a Shark Swimming Down a Highway

Claim: A photograph shows a shark swimming down a highway after a hurricane.

False · Fact checked by

There are no sharks swimming in the streets of Houston or

Claim: Photo shows a shark swimming on a freeway in Houston.

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No, the shark picture isn’t real: A running list of Harvey

The shark is not swimming down the street. It was not swimming down the (same) street during Hurricane Matthew. It wasn’t swimming in the aftermath of Sandy. And most of the other pictures of sharks swimming where people were are fake, too. Because of their popularity, these shark images are usually quickly debunked.

You know that shark in Houston floodwater photo? It’s

Aug 28, 2017 · A photo of a shark supposedly swimming through Houston’s flooded streets went viral on Monday but the photo’s fake. It’s popped up in edited photographs that show the shark swimming

Hurricane Harvey: That shark photo is fake – USA TODAY

Aug 29, 2017 · Hurricane Harvey: That shark photo is fake — and part of a bigger problem. The shark swimming on the freeway. Obama in Houston. Planes submerged.

Are sharks and alligators swimming the streets of Houston

Photos purporting to show sharks and alligators swimming flooded Houston streets are running rampant on social media. Are they real? Harvey, which made landfall Friday as a Category 4 hurricane

Beware of the fake shark photo in Houston that fooled a

Aug 29, 2017 · A FOX News reporter was among those duped by the fake photo of a shark said to be swimming in the flooded waters of Houston following Hurricane Harvey. Stay in …

Fox News host Jesse Watters fooled by fake photo of shark

Aug 29, 2017 · As Gizmodo reports, the shark photo has appeared in the wake of other disasters, including Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Sandy and flash floods in Texas …

Jesse Watters falls for fake shark photo in Houston flooding

Jesse Watters falls for fake shark photo in Houston flooding. was “like ‘Sharknado,’ ” referring to a comedy disaster movie that included sharks swimming in the flooded streets of Los