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Grow seedlings at 75°F (24°C). Reduce water and temperature for a week to harden seedlings. When the weather is frost-free, warm, and settled, transplant 2–3′ apart in rows 6–8′ apart, or thin to 1 plant/pot or cell with scissors and transplant 18″ apart. Even hardened watermelon seedlings are tender!

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Seedless Sugar Baby Watermelons – Knowledgebase Question. Once you or insects have done the pollinating, it takes weeks to get a mature melon. Some gardeners will allow each vine to set only one or two melons thus diverting the plant’s strength to growing the best possible melons as fast as possible.

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May 10, 2011 · From what I can find Sugar Baby watermelons are now considered a type of melon rather than a variety. Seed catalogs show several varieties of Sugar Baby type melons, some are diploid and some are triploid, so you would need to buy a specific triploid variety for it to be seedless.

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Sugar Baby Watermelon is an heirloom producing petite, 8- to 10-pound, dark green fruit. Its fine-grained, sweet flesh is high in antioxidants. Learn more.

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Watermelon, Sugar Baby (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) Popular and early “Icebox” variety produces uniform 8″ round heirloom watermelons. – Each fruit weighs appx. 8 – 12 lb.


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Watermelon Seeds. Watermelons are delicious, refreshing snacks in hot summer weather, from the Fourth of July through Labor Day. Super sweet and juicy seedless watermelon with ruby red flesh. Family sized fruits with dense flesh and incredible sweetness. Sweet and seedless orange flesh. Sweet tasting ‘Ice Box’ watermelon.

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Commercial watermelon growers value melons high in sugar and the name for this sweetness is called “brix” and can be scientifically measured. As its name implies, Sugar Baby watermelons have a brix measurement of 10.2 and rank as one of the sweetest watermelon cultivars.