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Saint Lawrence River and Seaway, hydrographic system of east-central North America.It connects the North River (source of the St. Louis River, in the U.S. state of Minnesota, which flows into Lake Superior) with Cabot Strait, leading into the Atlantic Ocean in the extreme east of Canada, crossing the interior of the North American continent for some 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometres).

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St Lawrence River Tours. 576 Reviews. The historic and scenic St. Lawrence River flows 743 miles (1,196 kilometers) across a vast chunk of North America, from the Great Lakes all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Departing from Quebec City or the Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent, just outside Quebec City, this tour is suitable for all levels of


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Its greatest tributary, the Ottawa River, drains some 140,000 km 2, the Saguenay River about 88,000 km 2, the Manicouagan River about 45,000 km 2, the St-Maurice River some 43,300 km 2 and the Richelieu River about 22,000 km 2. In geological terms, the St Lawrence is a young river, whose bed is a deep gash in the Earth’s crust exposed some

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The Saint Lawrence (river) (French Saint-Laurent), river in eastern North America. The chief outlet of the Great Lakes, the Saint Lawrence flows northeast from Lake Ontario to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence on the North Atlantic Ocean, a distance of about 1300 km (about 800 mi).

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Explore the St. Lawrence River. Get the most of one of the world’s great river! What to Do? Activities and Attractions. St. Lawrence River. Share this Page. What first surprises visitors in Québec is the sheer number of wonderful vistas of the St. Lawrence River, which overlooks and beautifies neighbouring landscapes. The river carries, in

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The outflow of the ST LAWRENCE RIVER tends to follow the south shore, producing an anticlockwise circulation in the gulf. Le débit sortant du FLEUVE SAINT-LAURENT a tendance à suivre la rive sud, ce qui produit, dans le golfe, une circulation en sens inverse des aiguilles d’une montre.

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Learn about services offered by Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association, especially for itinerary planning in Quebec, Canada and New England. Havre-Saint-Pierre Inspiring” Natural heritage and mysterious archipelago “Learn more. Gaspésie . Gaspésie Breathtaking” Stone giants thrust out of the sea “

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This is a list of bridges, ferries, and other crossings of the Saint Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, by order of south shore terminal running from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence upstream to Lake Superior.

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English: Saint Lawrence River is a large river flowing approximately from southwest to northeast in the middle latitudes of North America, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean Français : Le Saint-Laurent est un fleuve qui relie les Grands Lacs de l’ Amérique du Nord à l’ océan Atlantique .

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The St. Lawrence River has its source from the largest collection of fresh water lakes on the globe, and among all of the big rivers of the world, it is the only one whose volume is …