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College football targeting: Read the NCAA’s actual rule

Sep 07, 2016 · Targeting is a controversial college football rule. It’s designed to limit especially dangerous hits, but in a sport this complicated and fast-moving, it’s never going to be perfectly applied.

College football targeting penalties, ejections may see

College football targeting penalties, ejections may see reductions in 2017 If adjusted rules are passed, targeting calls may be more fair for all involved

All-Access: Can college football’s targeting penalty be

I certainly understand the need for a targeting penalty. The college football powers-that-be want to legislate potentially crippling hits out of the game, to protect players in both the near-term

College football’s most controversial Week 1 targeting

Targeting, and how the penalty is interpreted by officials, is once again a hot-button topic after opening weekend in college football.

Targeting: College football’s most hated rule here to stay

Aug 12, 2017 · Targeting: College football’s most hated rule here to stay. The targeting foul turns 10 this season, but the real rage against it did not start until 2013, when player ejection became part of the

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Football referees will now stop games to immediately review when players are penalized and face ejection for targeting defenseless opponents above the shoulders or using the crown of the helmet to contact an opponent.

College football targeting rules: A complete explanation

College Football’s Controversial Targeting Rules, Explained Reddit in addition to incurring a 15-yard penalty. More College Football.

Targeting penalty should change, college coaches say, but

SAN ANTONIO — Head coaches at college football’s highest level are saying it’s time for the targeting penalty to change. On the final day of the annual American Football Coaches Association

College football coaches want targeting penalties split

SAN ANTONIO — College football coaches want to see the targeting rule split into two categories that would determine whether certain hits delivered with the crown of the helmet carry malicious