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Emblem. It contains the flag of Nepal, Mount Everest, green hills symbolising the hilly regions of Nepal and yellow colour symbolising the fertile Terai region, male and female hands joining to symbolise gender equality, and a garland of rhododendrons (the national flower). Atop this is …

Rhododendron: The National Flower of Nepal

Rhododendron: The National Flower of Nepal. It is a class characterized by bushes and small to large trees, the smallest species growing to 10–100 cm (3.9–39.4 in) tall, and the largest reported to 30 m (98 ft.) tall. The leaves are spirally arranged; leaf size can range from 1–2 cm (0.39–0.79 in) to over 50 cm (20 in), especially 100 cm (38 in) in R. sinogrande.

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Clade: Angiosperms

Rhododendron in Nepal, National Flower of Nepal

Jan 26, 2019 · Rhododendron is a National flower of Nepal. There are top 10 major regions for rhododendron treks in Nepal – Milke Danda Trek, Mohare Danda Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Khopra Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Pikey Peak Trek, Langtang Trek, Annapurna Base Camp, Upper Tamur River and The Makalu Barun to view rhododendron in Nepal.

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Red Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal. RhododendronFerrugineum is the scientific name of Rhododendron.The national flower of Nepal Rhododendron is commonly known as LaliGurans in Nepali. When a state body selects a symbol for the state it should represent extra ordinary design, quality, expression cultural, traditional and religious background, which go back thousands of years for its …

Rhododendron, Lali Gurash, National flower of Nepal

The National flower of Nepal, Lali Gurash is one of the most beautiful species of Rhododendron. Found in hilly region of Nepal, it paints the hill red during the blooming season. Apart from it’s beauty, the flower is edible and can be made into delicious juice, wine and pickles.

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The name rhododendron is derived from the Greek words rhodos (meaning rose) and dendron (meaning tree). There are over 1000 natural species of rhododendron including many bushy species and a number of trees that grow to heights of up to 30 meters. The national flower of Nepal is Rhododendron arboreum.

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Rhododendron, national flower of Nepal. They are generally found in the altitudes between 2000 and 4000 m above the sea level. In Nepal, the best month to view Laligurans is the month in between March to June. They are found in Langtang National Park, Dadeldhura, MilkeDanda and Dakshinkali which is near to Kathmandu valley.

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401 National Flower Nepal Rhododendron stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Rhododendron is a genus of 1,024 species. It is the national flower of Nepal. Most species have showy flowers which bloom from late winter through to early summer. Rhododendron is a genus of 1,024 species. It is the national flower of Nepal.

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The hills of Nepal are coloured red, white or pink during the blooming season of Rhododendron. This flower also got national recognizing as national flower in Nepal. The genus and species which is dark red in colour is Rhododendron arboreum which is called as ‘Lali Gurans’ in Nepali.

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