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Muhammad Ali Biography Muhammad Ali was a legendary boxer who became the first and only three-time lineal World Heavyweight Champion. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, boxing career, achievements & timeline.

Place Of Birth: Louisville

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Take a look at the life of the late heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, who, at the height of his career, became a Golden Gloves winner and Olympic medalist. Learn more at

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Muhammad Ali attended Central High School in Louisville, Ky. A D student, Ali graduated 376th out of a class of 391 in 1960, the same year he won the light-heavyweight boxing gold medal at …

Muhammad Ali

Background Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay) was born 17 January 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky to parents of modest circumstances. He started boxing in junior high, when he learned boxing from a policeman at a local gym.

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Ali, a Muslim, cited religious reasons for his decision to forgo military service. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., in Louisville, Kentucky, on January 14, 1942, the future three-time world champ changed his name to Muhammad Ali in 1964 after converting to Islam.

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Muhammad Ali Timeline Timeline Description: Muhammad Ali is a champion boxer with heavyweight titles and Olympic gold medals. His legacy has reached around the world. This is a timeline of key points of his life.

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Muhammad Ali: Muhammad Ali, American boxer and social activist who was the first fighter to win the world heavyweight championship on three separate occasions. Considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight boxer ever, Ali won 56 career matches to just 5 losses. Learn more about Ali’s career and achievements in this article.

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Jun 03, 2016 · Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) was an American former heavyweight champion boxer and one of the greatest sporting figures of the 20th century. …

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