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The Kaffir* lime tree (Citrus hystrix), also known as makrut lime, is commonly grown for use in Asian cuisine. While this dwarf citrus tree, reaching up to 5 feet tall, can be grown outdoors (year round in USDA zones 9-10), it is best suited for indoors.

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The Kaffir lime tree (Citrus hystrix) is a citrus tree that yields fruits and leaves used in Asian cuisine. It has a rough, warty green fruit and aromatic, distinctively shaped “double” leaves. At 2 inches wide, the Kaffir lime tree’s fruit has a distinctively bumpy exterior.

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/ Common Diseases of Lime Trees. Common Diseases of Lime Trees. 11 Comments. Key limes (Citrus aurantiifolia) are smaller, with intense lime flavor and a thin skin. Kaffir limes (Citrus hystrix) have a tart, acidic flavor and a bumpy rind. Question – Persian lime tree in the ground less than one year. The leaves on the outer parts of

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Remove diseased portions of the Kaffir lime tree. Kaffir limes are subjected to fungal diseases such as greasy spot and algal disease. Look for leaf discoloration, disfigured blossoms or spotted limes.

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Answer to: Kaffir Lime tree question. who are worried about their very sad looking kaffir lime tree. Kaffir lime trees are a great one to have in the garden or on your balcony (especially if you LOVE cooking asian style foods) but here are a few essentials to growing them: so wet feet aren’t it’s problem.

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Q. Kaffir Lime Tree Care I live in San Ramon, CA. , which is 50 miles east of San Francisco. In winter there is frost at night and in the early morning. I planted a kaffir lime tree …

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Leaf symptom – on Citrus hystrix (Kaffir lime). Leaf yellowing and shading and branch die back on lemon tree. » Mal secco. Lemon tree severely affected by mal secco. » Measles. Measles symptoms on leaf. » of 0 < X . Citrus Diseases March, 2013

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Jun 25, 2012 · Taking a closer look at my Kaffir Lime Tree I have had for about 3 years. Kaffir Lime Tree and Scale Insects – Donna’s Gardens Rainbow Gardens. How to Germinate Kaffir Lime …

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How to Grow and Use Your Own Kaffir Lime Tree. By Dawn Combs Beauty Food Health. The Kaffir Lime tree is a thorny tree, native to the tropics. For this Ohio girl, that presents a problem. Or does it?! I love the idea of growing my own citrus, and I’ve tried with other varieties. Unfortunately, lemons and limes have been unsuccessful.

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Your lime leaves are curling and you have no idea where to start treating it. Have no fear, there are many innocent causes of leaf curl on lime trees.Learn what to look for and how to handle common lime tree leaf curl problems in this article.

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Let’s take a look at some kaffir lime leaves substitutes: Bay leaf, lemon thyme, and lime zest. This combination is probably the closest you are going to get to recreating the floral notes associated with the leaves of a kaffir lime. The problem here is getting the right combination of flavors so that one doesn’t overpower the other.

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The leaves on my kaffir lime tree are really sticky and it is dropping sticky goop on the floor. A lot of leaves have fallen off already. I have sprayed it several times with a systemic insecticide which seems to help a little but hasn’t cured the problem.

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Kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix) is the type of citrus tree that doesn’t mind being pruned to a permanently small stature. Like many citrus trees, kaffir lime has deliciously fragrant foliage as well