how does a hydrogen bomb differ from an atomic bomb

Hydrogen Bomb vs. Atomic Bomb: What’s the Difference?

Hydrogen bombs, or thermonuclear bombs, are more powerful than atomic or “fission” bombs. The difference between thermonuclear bombs and fission bombs begins at the atomic level. Fission bombs, like those used to devastate the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II, work by splitting the nucleus of an atom.

What’s the Difference Between a Hydrogen Bomb and a

Sep 03, 2017 · A hydrogen weapon uses an initial nuclear fission explosion to create a tremendous pulse that compresses and fuses small amounts of deuterium and tritium, kinds of hydrogen, near the heart of the bomb. The swarms of neutrons set free can ramp up the explosive chain reaction of a uranium layer wrapped around it,

What’s The Actual Difference Between a Hydrogen Bomb And

There’s a major difference between a hydrogen bomb and an atomic bomb. But it’s clear some kind of nuclear blast happened. A hydrogen bomb is different than a regular atomic bomb, like the ones the US dropped on Japan near the end of World War II. Collectively, the two A-bombs that the US detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed more than 200,000 people.

How does a hydrogen bomb differ from an atomic bomb? It is

An Atomic bomb produces it’s explosive energy from nuclear fission. A Hydrogen bomb produces it’s explosive energy from nuclear fusion. The last 3 choices are incorrect. The first one could be correct but we have no way to know. A hydrogen bomb differs from …


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An atomic bomb uses either uranium or plutonium and relies on fission, a nuclear reaction in which a nucleus or an atom breaks apart into two pieces. To make a hydrogen bomb, one would still need uranium or plutonium as well as two other isotopes of hydrogen, called deuterium and tritium.

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Members of the communist party that were accused of helping give Soviets the plans for the atomic bomb.

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Cold War conflicts. Under Soviet communism, the state controlled all poverty and economic activity. Under capitalistic American, private citizens controlled all economic activity.