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PURPLE HEART CRITERIA – Recognize the Sacrifice

Recognize the Sacrifice. Any member of the Army who was awarded the Purple Heart for meritorious achievement or service, as opposed to wounds received in action, between 7 December 1941 and 22 September 1943, may apply for award of an appropriate decoration instead of the Purple Heart. For those who became Prisoners of War after 25 April 1962,

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A Purple Heart is awarded to any member of the armed forces (including the Coast Guard) who is killed or wounded in action; the severity of the injury isn’t really at issue.

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Injury Severities. A person who wishes to receive a Purple Heart must be or have been a member of the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard, and must have encountered injury from enemy forces or friendly fire while engaged in conflict. The person in question must have received verified treatment from a medical officer.

National Purple Heart Hall of Honor

With your help we are building a database of Purple Heart recipients from all branches of service, all wars for which the Purple Heart was awarded, and from all across the nation. In order to be enrolled we require documentation of receipt of the Purple Heart. This can include a variety of materials including:

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You receive a purple heart medal for getting wounded in combat (Not things like cutting your hand on a rock. Things like getting shot, or stabbed.). There is no limit to any certain medals. If you do the action required of earning it you get it, even if its 100 times. The most purple hearts any …

Common Myths About The Purple Heart Medal

Click here for the official Purple Heart Issue Regulations. The PH medal can be awarded to anyone who is hurt in a war zone. Not true. The PH medal can legally be authorized to only three groups of personnel: One, those wounded or injured as a direct result of hostile enemy action.

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Presentation. Service members requesting retroactive awards of the Purple Heart must normally apply through the National Personnel Records Center. Following a review of service records, qualified Army members are awarded the Purple Heart by the U.S. Army …

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Related Questions More Answers Below. Yes , there is one benefit . A Purple Heart puts you at Priority 1 in the V.A. healthcare system . I believe there are a total of 7 Priority levels . Tha does not mean you go ahead of someone in the emergency room if their condition requires immediate action though . Only that all other things being equal , you will be treated first .


The Purple Heart

Possession of the Purple Heart medal does not by itself qualify veterans for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation. However, since November 1999, Purple Heart recipients have been placed in VA’s enrollment priority group 3, unless eligible for the higher priority groups (1 or 2) based on service-connected disabilities.


Purple Heart Medal Recipients

Additional Health Care Benefits for Purple Heart Medal Recipients Enhanced enrollment in Priority Group 3 (unless enrolled in Priority Group 1 or 2); • Exemption from copays for hospital care and medical outpatient care. This exemption does not include copays for medication and long term care. • Eligibility for Sensory Neural Aids.

How do you receive a purple heart –

Whatever number you come up with, add one more. Helen Keayes Nolan, an Australian woman served in Vietnam with the American military and received the Purple Heart after being … wounded by enemy fire at Phu Loi during the 1969 Tet Offensive.

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Combat-Related Special Compensation Program Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) FAQs You were awarded a Purple Heart with a combined disability rating for Purple Heart …