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Coldest States in the US – Current Results

Coldest States in America. In the lower 48 states though, which state is the coldest depends upon the time of year. North Dakota tops the list of coldest states in winter and fall, based on state-wide average temperatures. During spring, Maine is coldest, while in summer it’s Wyoming.

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Alaska. Alaska is one of the most beautiful states in the US, it has rigid mountains, plenty of trees, …

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Basically, north part of the country is coldest compared to other states of the country, the some coldest states are Alaska, North, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Minnesota. The Coldest cities in America have average Population depending on their size of the area. Alaska is the state in America that has some of the coldest places on Earth.

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The lower 48 states of the US hit their official coldest temperature of -70 °F on January 20, 1954 at Rogers Pass, Montana. The pass sits at 5,470 feet (1,667 metres) elevation in the Rocky Mountains, northwest of Helena. States in America where temperatures have dropped to …

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Alaska. Last but not the least, Alaska is the coldest state, located in the northwest of North …

The coldest states in America: Lowest temperature ever

Coldest ever in each state: 50. Hawaii, 12 on May 17, 1979 at Mauna Kea Observatory 111 on the Big Island 49. Florida, -2 on Feb. 13, 1899 at Tallahassee 48. Louisiana, -16 on Feb. 13, 1899 at

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The United States has many cold cities, especially come winter time. Although they may not compare to their Canadian neighbors, they definitely are still. This list is a compilation of ten of the coldest places in America that you may want to avoid this winter! Woodbury, Minnesota.

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America’s 25 Coldest Cities Baby it’s cold outside, but it could be a lot worse. The Daily Beast finds the 25 cities that will be turning the heat on full blast this winter—the coldest cities in