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A boundary dispute typically arises between two adjacent landowners who dispute the position of the boundary between their properties. By reviewing the deeds and plans filed at the Land Registry, the parties may come to the conclusion that the boundary line is not in the correct place.

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The relevant period is never less than 12 years. In the case of the Crown’s ownership (for example, Ministry of Defence land) the relevant period is never less than 30 years. Inform the neighbours, by letter, where your boundary is. If they are going to dispute it, they will have to do so after receiving such a letter, or else keep quiet

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The “hedge and ditch presumption” is a rule of law which can be used to resolve boundary disputes where the legal title is inconclusive. It arose out of a case involving a dispute between the owners of two neighbouring fields. The approximate position of the boundary was known and in this area was a ditch and next to it, a hedge.

How many years does a boundary fence have to be in situ

How many years does a boundary fence have to be in situ without dispute before it becomes the legal boundary? My original deeds say one thing (90 year old house) but it does not match the existing boundary which to my knowledge has been in place for over 20 years and was in …

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Mar 09, 2005 · The text is a matter of legal interpretation, and the plan is a matter for an experienced boundary surveyor. Many such disputes are resolved fairly …

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Drawing the line on boundaries Posted by: Adam Hookway , Posted on: 27 February 2018 – Categories: Buying and selling property , Law and practice I often get asked questions about boundaries and they tend to be some of the hardest to answer.

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Chartered land surveyor specialising in expert witness reports for boundary disputes and private right of way cases in UK, with online advice and links on boundary and other neighbour disputes.

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Jan 07, 2011 · We applied for planning permission to build an extension, the side of extension will end 2 – 4 inches away from the boundary ( this being the original boundary from the original fence, it has been there for well over 12 years), af couse he has written to the council expressing his concerns and going on about boundary dispute.

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May 18, 2011 · My understanding is that if a boundary isn’t disputed, unless formally acknowledged, for 12 years then ownership can be taken. When our houses were built the then neighbour moved smartly to erect fences on either side effectively squaring his garden to …

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satisfy the 12 year qualifying period laid down in the Limitation Act 1980. The formal means by which a squatter could have his ownership of the land recognised was to apply to a …

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So although the idea of someone obtaining title by adverse possession for 12 years seems unjust, it is a necessary legal rule in order to ensure, for the benefit of innocent third parties, that there is certainty about title to land.

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Adverse possession of registered land for 12 years of itself will no longer affect the registered proprietor’s title (for registered land). After 10 years’ adverse possession, the squatter will be entitled to apply to be registered as proprietor in place of the registered proprietor of the land.